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Mashcom Enterprise LLC is the best resource for Prepay and Postpay Audit Appeals. Mashcom works in collaboration with certified physicians, healthcare executives and billing compliance advisors to provide winning appeals. Mashcom provides RAC (Prepay and Postpay Audits) and MAC (Prepay Audit) appeals service to every healthcare service provider. These appeals normally include overpayment denials.

How it works

Proceeding with appeal requests

Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC):120 days to file an appeal. This is "Redetermination". However you can avoid the recoupment process only if you file an appeal within 30 days from the date of receipt of remittance advice. In case overpayment is upheld at this level, within 180 days you can appeal for the Level 2(QIC).

Level 1: Fiscal intermediary contractors (Demand): FI issues a demand letter to the beneficiary regarding overpayment. You have to respond to the FI within 30 days to stop the recoupment process.

What is RAC?

RAC (Recovery Audit Contractors) deals with Prepay and Postpay audit appeals and they are responsible for identifying improper medicare payments and implement action accordingly to reduce these improper payments.

What service will Mashcom provide?

Mashcom helps in handling Prepay and Postpay appeals. We have experienced certified physicians, healthcare executives who can guide you through the appealing process regarding overpayment denials. Since written appeal request is required, our physicians write an appeal letter on your behalf considering the medical records and by following industry standard guidelines such that you get winning Prepay and Postpay appeal.